Xigao Li

Ph.D student in Computer Science

Stony Brook University , 2018 – present


I am a current PhD student in Stony Brook University, in joint of PragSec Lab and Ethos Lab.

My advisor is Professor Nick Nikiforakis and Professor Amir Rahmati.

I’m interested in web and network security, my recent project is about web bot detection.

My github: (here)

Before Stony Brook, my previous work is Direct Data Fetch technology in disaster-tolerance for DFS, it is part of the disaster-tolerance project in PCL.
I also worked in the the Disaster-Tolerance project, which was completed in May 2015. We proposed a hybrid model in this work to provide disaster-tolerance especially for Open-Source DFS by build geographically isolate replicas. Also, we optimize the model with Direct Data Fetch (DDF) technology. DDF can bypass the main server, and retrieve data directly from the data node. The model was implemented on an open-source DFS named MooseFS. Compared with HDFS and IBM/PPRC, the hybrid model with DDF provides a strong performance boost to the hybrid model during the switch procedure, and this hybrid model performs best for storage of large amount of files in small size. 

In 2013-2014, I’ve done research work with Prof. Bixin Li in Southeast University, mainly in software vulnerability (security-related topic). In one of the projects, we built a framework to detect certain vulnerability factors and gave evaluations in score, and measured the vulnerability level by pushing these factors into a “vulnerability stack”. By eliminating the “danger factor” in that stack, the software vulnerability is reduced step by step. 

During 2009-2013, I built software systems, as well as security issues in databases in Database Security Lab of NCWU.